Underwriting Recruiters

With a keen focus on the intricate world of insurance underwriting, Integra Personnel specializes in providing tailored staffing solutions for success in underwriting insurance recruitment.

Utilizing Real Underwriting Expertise

Sourcing Top Underwriting Talent

At Integra Personnel, we’re not your average recruitment firm. We’ve spent over 40 years cultivating a deep understanding of the specific challenges faced by insurance companies today. Our team is comprised of insurance veterans, not just recruiters. Our underwriting recruiters leverage this expertise to source the perfect underwriting talent for your needs, whether you require seasoned underwriters with a keen eye for risk assessment, skilled risk analysts to navigate complex policies, or experienced policy administrators to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

We go beyond simply reviewing resumes. Our in-depth knowledge of the underwriting landscape allows us to identify candidates who possess not only the technical skills but also the critical thinking and analytical abilities necessary to excel in today’s market. We foster long-term partnerships, working closely with both insurance companies and underwriting professionals to build connections that drive profitability and minimize risk. Let Integra Personnel sharpen your underwriting edge and propel your insurance business forward.

Positions we place in Underwriting Insurance

Integra Personnel takes pride in our successful placement of talented professionals in various key roles within the underwriting insurance sector, including:

  • Underwriters
  • Risk Analysts
  • Policy Administrators
  • Claims Analysts
  • Actuarial Analysts
  • Insurance Underwriting Assistants