Guiding the Way

With over forty years in recruitment, Marlaine Aly has honed her expertise in placing top talent in the insurance industry. From diverse roles in banking and administration to founding her recruitment firm, Marlaine’s dedication to creating successful placements shines through, making each match a win-win for clients and candidates alike.

Marlaine Aly


My name is Marlaine Aly and I have been in recruitment for over forty years. When I first started, it was in the candidate-paid fee market—how things have changed for the better! I also had other jobs during this time, such as in banking as a teller and behind-the-scenes administrative work, a veterinarian assistant, an administrative assistant for an oil consultant, a typist/receptionist for a contract supplier for the Air Force, and a department secretary for Economics and Education at the University of Montana before I settled down to open my recruitment firm in Seattle.

Having placed candidates in many industries at all levels, I made the decision to focus on a particular niche, and in 1994 I opened my agency after research showed that insurance should be a good niche, and it has been. Currently, I work with clients in property and casualty positions in administrative, production, and underwriting, to name a few. Of course, during the last 30 years, there have been ups and downs in the economy as well as a pandemic to go through, so I have started to diversify into affiliated industries such as the restoration industry because these firms work closely with the insurance industry on cleaning and repairing homes and businesses after damages from fires, storms, water issues, etc.

I love what I do! Working with companies on finding and placing their next great employee and then the next after that, or working with a candidate and finding a great job that they love, and often stay at for years, is exceedingly rewarding. At the end of the day, I can say to myself that I did this. My philosophy is to work with the client and the candidate to a successful placement, making it a win for all of us.